Knowlwood - Irvine, CA

(Pictures for this review taken with my Canon PowerShot SD100.

Thanks again for the well-wishes, private and otherwise. I'm all better and Cat is on the mend. Let's get back to the tasty foodings!)

Cat and I love a good burger. There's something about this all-American treat that, despite the depredations of major fast food chains, still appeals to my inner child. I don't know if it's the result of public school lunches or the McDonald's meals my parents used as the occasional reward, but I'm hard-wired to feel warm and fuzzy when biting into one of these classic bits of Americana.

Irvine, or "Stepford" as some of us like to call it, is replete with national fast food and restaurant chains serving burgers. However, Cat and I like our burgers to have a bit of bite, a bit of soul, and only a bit of grease. We're not fond of the dripping oil spills served up as burgers by many of the local eateries and, with the sole exception of In-N-Out, we avoid fast food like the plague. Fortunately for us, Irvine boasts its very own Knowlwood, where we can always get a great restaurant-style burger in a casual dining environment.

(Old blacksmith shop.)

Founded over fifty years ago by the Knowlton and Wood families, Knowlwood is an Orange County institution with five locations scattered behind the Orange Curtain. Although it qualifies as a chain, there's a certain quality to these short-order restaurants that sets them apart from the corporate theme eateries that infest the city. Step into one and it feels like you've stepped back in time to a simpler era.

(Irvine is historic?)

Part of Knowlwood's retro, American Gothic ambience comes from the chain's habit of purchasing and preserving interesting historic sites as locations for the restaurants. The Anaheim branch is located in an old barn. The Fullerton branch occupies an old train station. The Irvine branch, the most unique of the five, inhabits a former blacksmith and machine parts shop in Historic Old Town Irvine. Dating to the turn of the last century, the site includes buildings that were once a lima bean warehouse, granary, blacksmith shop, general store, and employee housing, The structures were renovated for use by a number of local businesses, and are the only remnants of Irvine's agricultural past as part of the Irvine Ranch.

(Pre-soccer moms, American trucks were smaller.)

The interior of the Knowlwood in Irvine incorporates many of the original artifacts into the decor, from this repainted truck to the blacksmith tools mounted in display cases on the walls.

(Cat getting our drinks.)

Large windows throughout the restaurant help light the dark, cavernous space. Signs and other fixtures hang from the heavy wood beams crisscrossing the high ceilings. The overall affect is early 1900s industrial. This was a place where men labored, bending steel to their wills and maintaining the machines that helped make Orange County the agricultural juggernaut it was during the days of John Steinbeck, Edgar Alwin Payne, and Granville Redmond. Despite the kitsch and sometimes garish additions used to make the restaurant more appealing to diners, you can feel the weight of the history in the building. If you have trouble visualizing, the La Quinta Inn next door houses an impressive collection of photographs from this time period.


The significance of the location aside, Knowlwood is a comfortable restaurant that evokes memories of 1950s era soda jerks, malt shops, and car hops without the contrived feel of corporate chains like Ruby's or Jonny Rocket's. It's simple American fare, prepared by short-order cooks and served in a casual environment. Cat and I find it very soothing.

(Grandiose name.)

Cat likes ordering the World's Best Cheeseburger. It doesn't quite live up to its name, but it's a good, filling burger that isn't greasy at all. The fries are great; nice and crisp on the outside, soft and fluffy on the inside. They also avoid the feeling of having been cooked in too much oil.


When I'm feeling nostalgic, I order the Frisco Burger, which is served on grilled sourdough with caramelized onions and Thousand Island dressing. The meal hall at the UCI dorms used to cook up a rather decent rendition of this dish. It was one of the rare, palatable specials they served up during the ominously named, once a week "Premium Nights". We smuggled out plates of these when I was Freshman and stashed them in the dorm kitchen for late night study breaks.

(Ask for extra pickles.)

The Knowlwood rendition tastes surprisingly similar to the ones from my memories, although it's almost undoubtedly made with better quality ingredients. My only complaint is that it rarely has enough Thousand Island dressing, whose tangy flavor usually gets lost in the thick wedge of lettuce used to top the sandwich. I compensate by asking for extra dressing and pickles. They pick the Frisco Burger right up.

(It's healthy! Sorta...)

My favorite is the Grilled Mahi Mahi Sandwich, which features a hefty slab of mahi mahi fish and is served on a hamburger bun with lettuce, tomato, and tartar sauce. The fish is always moist and when paired with a nice wedge of pickle, it's the type of sandwich that happy panda dreams are made of.

(Dead sexy.)

If I've got the hankering for something naughty, I add on an order of Fried Zucchini. Thick fingers of zucchini are breaded, deep-fried, and served with Ranch dressing. Probably the best and least healthy way in the world to enjoy squash.

Knowlwood - Classic American food in a great environment. The portions are large, the prices are low, and everything is freshly made on site. These are burgers the way they were meant to be enjoyed; fresh, flavorful, and grease-free.

The Bill (Multiple visits):

World's Best Cheeseburger (meal) - 6.69
Frisco Burger (meal) - 8.19
Grilled Mahi Mahi Sandwich (meal) - 7.59
Fried Zucchini - 3.09

Flavor: B
Ambience: B-
Service: C

Overall: B-

Knowlwood in Old Town Irvine
14952 Sand Canyon Avenue (& the I-5 freeway)
Irvine, CA 92618

Other Locations:
Anaheim, Fullerton, Laguna Niguel, and Santa Ana.

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I like that area. The burgers are decent and the atmosphere is even better. Also I don't remember the Frisco burgers being offered at Pippin Commons for Premium Night...I guess I had a tunnel vision for those Chicken Strips and overcooked steaks. And then on Friday night, they put out the worst food they have all week. Man, Fridays were depressing.

I like in-and-out burgers too! However, sometimes the queue is sooo long that my hubby doesn't want to wait, so we may settle for a Spicy Chicken Sandwich from Carl's Jr.


Well, our forays to Pippin were several years apart. The catering company that served us food was replaced a few years ago. Maybe "Premium Night" has actually gotten better. =b


Awww... I think In-N-Out is much better. They treat their employees well and the food quality is higher.

- Chubbypanda

We used to go to the first Knowlwood (which was known by its tagline "World's Best" in our family) when I was a wee sprite.

I seem to recall the quality dropping of when they started branching out... the faux-location in the flats of Anaheim Hills never did live up to the memories of the original.

Cam ate at the Irvine branch on a business trip a few months ago and was seriously unimpressed. I had completely forgotten about ol' 'World's Best' until he was telling me the place he had lunch: "Some fake olde-timey place that said they had the world's best burgers... but they lied." :D

Feel free to delete this part: Whenever I email, it bounces. Like, for the last couple of months. Didn't want you to think I wasn't replying to your comments on our blog. :)


The burgers are good, but they're definitely not the "world's best". We just like them better than most of the other burger options available to us in Irvine. I stand by my B- rating. =)

The decorations in the Irvine Knowlwood are cheesy, but if you look under the stuff they've added to appeal to tourists and families, there's a lot of history in both the building and the site. I like learning about the places where I live and what makes each of them different. We're so used to the sprawling mega-suburb that is Orange County that I think it's easy to forget how different the area was as little as fifty- sixty years ago, and the changing roles it played economically and culturally.

I'm not sure why my mail server has been having issues. My sysadmin has been taking a look. Thanks for the heads up. I love your blog and I can't wait for your kitchen remodel to be done.

- Chubbypanda

This was by far one of the worst meals I've had in a long time.

Atmosphere & Service - The tables were not bussed. The restaurant was around the 80s which alarmed me for sanitation and bacterial growth. The employee who took our order didn't know what half the items were that we tried to order. The employees were mumbling something back and forth to each other about trying to use degreaser to clean up but it wasn't helping.

The frisco burger - the patty was dry, the bread had a burned Parmesan crust which killed the flavor of anything else in the burger, the bread it self was not a good quality bread, they managed to forget the thousand island dressing and every time I picked up the burger my hands were covered in grease after.

The french dip - they forgot the 'dip', the meat was cold and the bun was also covered in some sort of oil.

I'm still trying to recover from that recommendation. I'd say stick with Fat Burger, In-N-Out, or Red Robins. After that meal even Denny's sounds appealing.

Happy Sloth,

I'm sincerely sorry you visited that restaurant on my recommendation and had such a bad experience. I can only say that what you describe has not been the norm for Knowlwood. My review was written after three visits spanning several months, and I've been a regular customer since the 90's.

Your comments bring up some valuable customer service issues. I urge you to write to Knowlwood's management with the same comments that you've left here. It sounds like they may have a serious problem at the Irvine branch, which your feedback could help resolve.

I got this email address (info@knowlwoodrestaurants.com) from their website. Give it a try and let me know how/if they respond to your comments.

- Chubbypanda