World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade Midnight Launch - Irvine, CA [Crazies]

(Not food-related, but will probably impact my review schedule for a little bit. If you're looking for a food porn fix, scroll down to the next post.)

After helping close out the Red Onion Cafe, Cat and I needed a bit of a spiritual pick-me-up. What better than the much anticipated release of the Burning Crusade expansion pack for World of Warcraft? Midnight launch, here we come!

11:40pm - Arrive at the local Game Stop and line up. We'd decided to skip the Blizzard-sponsored launch spectacle at the Fry's Electronics in Fountain Valley when we pre-ordered in hopes of getting to bed at a decent hour. Even with that, the line at this small, local video game store is huge and snakes around both sides of the building. There are actually two lines, one for Horde and one for Alliance. I obviously go with my first love.

12:03am - The line has started to inch forward. But with only two registers and so many people, it takes a while to process each person. We've still got a ways to go. The lines keep on getting longer behind us.

12:25pm - Two cop cars pull into the parking lot. Cat and I wonder about complaints from the neighborhood. Turns out to be a drunk driver. I'm glad they got his ass off of the road.

1:05am - Oh my gods. I just spent forty minutes traveling fifty feet. It feels like I'm in LA traffic.

1:12am - Ding! Boo-freaking-yah!

Cat's already installed and playing, but I'm going to bed. To all the WoW fans out there without expansion packs...



Really guys next time use Amazon.com, so easier, faster and you wont freeze your a**


That Mosaic is fooling NO ONE.



I have a BURNING HATRED for all things MMRORPG. Taking away all my friends :-(

Have fun though.


You and Cat are gonna be glued to your computers for a while. I'm so excited for the new expansion pack even though I probably won't play it until the summer. I am living off of video reviews and screencaps.

LOL, you're a much better blogger than I am. I take my camera almost everywhere, but I don't use it as often as I should. In any event, I walked into K-Mart this morning at 8 AM (no line, no hassel) and got my copy. I've already told the Angel not to plan on seeing me for the next few days.....

Umm, yeah, CP,
I dated a WoW designer. Thanks for reminding me of bad exes. Blech!

Although he was impressed that I knew Blizzard was a computer game company and not just a Dairy Queen sundae. I prefer the DQ blizzard, however. :)

Dude, you guys hardcore video gamers!

OMG CP, I am speechless! You have to watch that South Park episode about the World of Warcraft. (I think parts of it might be on YouTube.) My beau made me watch, and although I didn't get 1/18 of the jokes, he was laughing so hard that rolled over onto the ground repeatedly throughout his second screening.

Also, DANG MAN!!! Cat is completely a keeper! She would wait in line with you overnight for the expansion pack to WOW? Get that girl down the altar, ASAP!


More fun our way. We're both gamers (I used to be a video game developer at a couple of well-known companies) and Cat's never experienced a midnight launch before. Beside, I'm from NorCal and she's Canadian. You call this "cold"? I used to play football in much worse. =b


Hola amigo? How's it in Chicago? Snickering at us weak SoCalites and our "cold snap", no doubt. Miss ya, good buddy.


Yup! (^_^) So... Cat has three degrees from UCI (with another on the way) and I have two, and we both gamed the whole time. Word of advice, never play any Soul Edge/Caliber game with her. =D I think you should be able to spare a little time in your schedule for some sweet sweet WoW. =b


Yo bud. You have no idea how much those initials still tweak me out for reasons which should be obvious to the two of us. See my comment to Anon.


Video game developers, like all groups of people, have their share of jerks. However, both Rasa Malaysia and I work(ed) in the game industry and we're really nice. So, we're not all bad. =)

Rasa Malaysia,

Woot! We'll r0x0r your s0x0rs 'cause we so l33t. =b I really wish I had more time to play video games. I miss those carefree days.


Cat is more of a hardcore gamer than I am, although she barely knew what a video game was when we first met. We were in that line 'cause she wanted to experience a midnight launch. I think I've created a sweet, darling monster who I love very much. =)

I love that Southpark episode! "How do you kill that which has no life?" "This could be the end of the World... of Warcraft." "We just need to stay in the forest killing boars." Cat hates Southpark and she still has all those lines memorized 'cause I watched that episode so many times.

Whoooeee! I sound like a dork. I'm a normal, functioning, productive member of society. Really...