Indecision 2006 (October) - [Crazies]

I'm lost, torn, undecided, completely confused. I have no idea what I should blog about next. Oh sure, I've got plenty of material. But, work has got me down, and I don't have the drive or passion to transform my notes and photos into an article. So, I've decided to put the question to a vote. The ingredients are ready. The choice is your's.

This poll will be valid until Saturday night, when the winning selection will be written up as my next super post. You get to decide what you'll read next. Allez voting!

***Edit 10/28/2006 - 9:00pm***

The polls have closed. A hearty thank you to all those who voted. Remember, your vote counted tonight, and (for those of you registered to vote in the States) will count even more on November 7th. Participation in the Democratic Process is fun!

Without further ado, let's unveil the winner! Docchi no Ryouri desu ka!?!

Peruvian Kitchen is the peoples' choice, edging ahead of my Chocolate Caramel Butter Cookie recipe by just one vote!

Click here to view the poll results.

Never fear, sports fans. I'm not like the evil makers of the Docchi no Ryouri Show. I won't make those of you who voted for my cookie stand by while you watch the winners chow down on their visual feast. You'll get your cookie recipe. Oh yes, you will...

Here's a little teaser.

But you guys who voted for Peruvian Kitchen will get your reward first. My Peruvian Kitchen super post will be up sometime tomorrow! (Assuming Blogger gets its act together so I can actually post.)

Mmmm... Democracy tastes good...


no contest for me on this poll - I have an infamous sweet tooth (and ironically, my teeth hates me for it)

I voted for Peruvian Kitchen, which I see they have a website...

As an entree, I'd probably go for the Tiradito Mancora - Strips of fish marinated in lime juice with Peruvian Yellow Hot Pepper. Served with Rice, Yucca and Peruvian Corn. Sounds ono!

Just under $14 for that entree leaves me enough wallet room for an appetizer. Perhaps I'd go for the Papa Rellena - Deep fried seasoned ground beef with black olives, egg and raisin stuffed potato. Served wtih salsa criolla on the side. $6.25. What a bargain!

I've never heard of a restaurant in Honolulu featuring Peruvian cuisine. The closest we've got south of the border is a Brazilian place called Tudo De Bom...

Hey CP - Any write in candidates(some shiokara maybe)! LOL! Love the concept...you crack me up.


You'll get your cookie recipe. I promise!


Totally ono, dude. You'll see once I get the post written and up.


Anything to keep things fresh. I like to jazz it up.

- Chubbypanda

I hear you...it's hard to keep a good blog while working full time. My blog has been stale lately because I am so busy working and traveling for work. :(

And yes, it's not easy to compile all the pictures and bits and pieces into a good article. :(


Curious, are you from or ever lived in Hawaii? You sound like it based on your familiarity with the stuff I post on my food blog and your use of the term "ono"... a natural!

You're even familiar with Tomoe Ame. Or did California also have that when you grew up?

Can't wait for your almost-pornographic descriptions of dining out at Peruvian Kitchen! lol


Hey Rasa Malaysia,

Oh gods. Both this week and this weekend have sucked hardcore. Keeping up is becoming a labor of love.

I try to write good articles, but I'm not quite there yet. I look at your gorgeous photos and read Sarah from the Delicious Life's snappy articles, and I know that I still have a long way to go. It's a lot of fun making the trek, though.

Pomai! An den, brah!

I'm do not, nor have I ever lived, in Hawaii. =b

I am, on the other hand, an unintentional conversational chameleon. Put me in a room with someone from a different part of the world and, after a while, I'll start using the same words they do and even picking up on the accent. I can't help it. I do the same thing with text.

So, I probably used "ono" because I read your blog regularly, and it's your favorite Hawaiian adjective. =)

- Chubbypanda